Stay Toasty: (the rest of) December Concert Preview

It’s almost halfway through the month, somehow December is getting away from us and we are currently covered by about 8 inches of snow up here in Vermont. I imagine Boston is a slushy mess, so lets share in our collective discouragement in New England winter and get out for some shows. Warm up with our suggestions for the rest of December…

If you all are reading this from the Camberville area…I feel like a broken record saying this…but get out to Atwoods this month to fill up on belly warming whiskey drinks and comfort food that will give you the energy and protein you need to hit the harshness of December, January and February head on! Our bud Randi Millman took home a BMA last week for her killer job bringing some of the most talented folks around town and touring through to the wooden backdrop of the Tavern and we couldn’t be happier (or agree more) with that outcome. This month sees our pals Young Frontier this coming Thursday (12/15) along with The Lawsuits. Joe Young’s voice is, I mean, its just one of those voices that sound like sh*t you should be hearing all over the place. Its just friggin perfect. The band is killer, get down. Another killer songwriter, Darrin Bradbury will be hitting the stage next Sunday (12/18) as well. Bradbury has been making waves this year, especially among his peers, as a phenomenal songwriter and performer. Atwoods has been hosting some of Nashville’s finest as of late, and this is just another example of that. Get down. Also, a bit closer to the heart of the city sees one of our all time favorite writers, Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket and solo career fame), visits Passim for not one, but two shows. Seriously, Phillips as a solo performer is one of those shows that Passim was made for. Stories and songs and an intimate look into a songwriter’s heart. GO TO THIS SHOW! A bunch of others at the club this week are already sold out, but if a ticket for Under the Covers or Lori McKenna opens up this week then don’t hesitate to snatch it up.

If you happen to be in our sister city to the south of PVD, we highly suggest getting on down for A Very Horse-Eyed Men Christmas. It is going to be festive as f*ck. 

For those of you in the great green (now pretty damn snow white) north with me, then Burlington is still bustling with great shows this month. Zach DuPont (of the Dupont Brothers) continues residency every Wednesday at the Lamp Club Light Shop, the always jaw-droppingly impressive playing of Ben Cosgrove is back again on 12/16 and quite honestly, you can go here any night of the week and catch something great, so if you are in the area just show up one night and bump from LCLS to Radio Bean all night catching pieces of great sets and eat up some good food and beers…but be careful, its slippery out there so bring your snow shoes if you are local.

Our old pals Girls Guns and Glory are up at Higher Ground this coming Saturday (12/17) and celebrating the release of their latest record…which is great and you can read my interview with frontman Ward Hayden here. And later in the month at Higher Ground our friends Arc Iris join Madaila’s 1st of a two night stretch (12/30) and guitar master and melodic master Jeff Beam rounds out the bill.

So keep warm, cozy up to the music lover next to you and get out for some music this month folks!