Art in the Age: An Evening of Tastes

While adventuring at our local watering hole a number of months back the Mrs. and I had a palette changing experience. She ordered up a Ginger Snap and I a Root & Ginger. We had been experimenting at home with different bourbons and ginger beers and it seemed right up our alley…an understatement to say the least.

We searched high and low for these Art in the Age liquors with no such lucky. Then, there was the artisan, hipster font bottle sitting on the shelf again at another of our Friday haunts for the Honky Tony Happy Hour and it replenished the thirst for this versatile and delicious liquid. A chance stop off at a renowned store in the next biggest town to us in our rural little safe hold saw not one, but 3 of the intriguing concoctions from craft distiller Art in the Age. So, what was going to be a quick stop for a 40 dollar bottle of bourbon to have a finger or two of on a cold winter evening turned into a packed carriage of clinking glass and about 6 times that number rung up in green dashed numbers at the check out counter. And an escapade in a flavorful palette party soon ensued.

AITA prides themselves on taking historical herbal remedies and mixtures and infusing them into a delicious piece of a craft drink exploration of sorts. They delve into the medical concoctions as far back as the 1700s where teas and infusions from herbs and flora in your surroundings were used as cure alls…delicious ones at that. The company has a plethora of interesting and somewhat strange at initial glance type flavors (think sweet potato or beet root). We went pretty basic for this first go around. Check out more info, the recipes we whipped up and initial thoughts below.