Locals Covering Locals 3 Turned 1 Year Old This Month…

Things have been a bit hectic in “non-Red Line Roots life” here for me as of late. So much so that the features have been slowed down a bit this month and I even forgot that a year ago, February 1st, we released the third installment of the RLR presents Locals Covering Locals V3 compilation.

The project has been (at times) a giant thorn in the side of someone trying to herd musicians and track 10 tunes from 10 different artist in just 3 studio dates, but man in the end spending time with so many incredible folks and providing a platform for them to record versions of songs they love from artists and friends they admire, well thats been worth a million thorns plunged deep into my rib cage.

The project still remains free for the taking…errr, downloading and hell, if you see me out ask for a hardcopy because we still got a couple of them floating around in gig bags and in the back of the old Subaru.

For now, keep streaming, downloading and please tell a friend about the project. Hopefully we will be bringing you another collection of songs from local New England artists covering their favorites.