Fresh Track: Hawthorn “Salt”

In your dreams of the salt and waves , do you see me there . In your poems and your beach glass home , do you see me there…” begins the new single from Boston based duo Hawthorn. A sense of grieving and longing instills itself into the words and music of Taylor Holland and Heather Scott. Melodic layers flow effortlessly between the two voices and a plodding acoustic guitar provides the gray hued ocean current that is deceiving in the depths of how the two singer-songwriters blend their voices to create a endless abyss of emotion. Emotion that makes it way from the hopeless and tormented to light and optimistic.

Heather says, “In the beginning stages of this song, the ocean served as a place to grieve. As Taylor and I started to work on the piece together, its melodic and lyrical themes began to solidify, and the song’s ocean developed into a place of active reflection, healing, and transformation.”

“We’re both very visual and take so much inspiration from the natural world,” adds Taylor,” so when we began writing about transformation after heartache, we imagined standing on the shoreline and tapping into the power that comes from the meeting of land and sea.” 
Check it out today and be on the lookout for the self-released album Spun Open, which will be available March 24. The album release show will be March 25 at The Factory at Amory in Cambridge, tickets are available at this link: