Show You Should Know: Michaela Anne at Light Club Lamp Shop (Burlington, VT) 3/2

Thursday evening Michaela Anne and her band will hit one of our favorite spots in Burlington, the Light Club Lamp Shop and while their may not be much room for dancing in the cozy, unique space you better believe you will find some space to shimmy and shake.

Michaela comes at us from Nashville and hits  Cambridge, MA and NYC on this jaunt up the east coast. Last time we caught her was in the dimly light, scarlet tinted Lizard Lounge and she and the band unleashed heartfelt ballads and shit-kicking rompers all night long. It was a heck of a show with something for everyone and we are certain this show will be no different.

Check out this video from that show and get your ass our to LCLS this Thursday night, bring some cash for the tip bowl and get ready for an evening of great tunes. They hit it at 9:30 PM, so get there early and grab a bite, a drink and prepare to be soothed gently with swooning songs and then honky-tonk kicked in the heart.