Peep This: Christopher Paul Stelling “The Cost of Doing Business” Live Video

Phrases like “game changer” or “blockbuster” are thrown around quite a bit in my day gig. It isn’t all too often I can apply those or similar terms to the music side of my life…but the minute I heard (and subsequently met) Christopher Paul Stelling I knew I could throw that sentiment out the window.

Stelling is a monster of a performer. Plain and simple. The passion he has for creating and singing his songs is undeniable and will force itself straight through you when you witness it for yourself. Every time this man picks up an instrument or steps out in front of an audience he spits fire from deep in his belly and electricity dances on the tips of his fingers.

Over the course of the last few months CPS has released a few live videos (lucky for us who don’t live in spots where the seemingly on-tour-forever artist doesn’t always frequent). The latest installment is for his song “The Cost of Doing Business” off of the upcoming ‘Itinerant Arias’ (out May 5th). The energetic songwriter’s signature vocal is there at the forefront, a different beat up acoustic than we may be used to seeing him playing and joined by Julia Christgau on vocals and percussion, Kieran Ledwidge on violin and Matthew Murphy on the big old bass and some harmonies, a slew of interesting panning shots and a beautiful room lined in oriental walls is the perfect compliment to the fierceness that this line up brings.

Check it out below and be sure to pick up ‘Itinerant Arias’ on May 5th from Anti.