Show You Should Know: Mile Twelve and Old Salt Union @ The Burren (May 5th)

We had a good ol’ time last September with the folks of Mile Twelve in the old boiler room area at Freshgrass. Since that time the band has added the mandolin prowess of David Bendict to the mix and are teaming up with another Freshgrass alumni band to take some good old fashioned bluegrass music to the back room at The Burren in Davis Square.

With in-depth musical compositions, a catchy hook, and a high- energy metaphorical punch to the gut, they are truly front runners in the new generation of string music” is a hard tagline to ignore, and Old Salt Union surely lives up to it. Intertwining traditional bluegrass with jazz infused inspiration and a bit of blues for good measure, the band puts on a hell of a live show with energy that could tear the roof off a place.

Mile Twelve is comprised of some of the brightest talent that Boston has to offer. About as pure as a modern day bluegrass band comes, with all the genuine and heartfelt emotion that creates a truly compelling dynamic on stage. “In recent years, Boston’s Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory have added extra fire to that city’s already churning cauldron of traditional string players. Out of this spicy soup jumps Mile Twelve, a group of four accomplished bluegrass musicians who write, sing, and play like the wind. Serious players who have serious fun, Mile Twelve is a group to watch in the coming decade.”- Tim O’Brien…yeah, that Tim O’ Brien.

So get on down to The Burren in Somerville, MA on May 5th to take in all that tradition has to offer, with some sprinklings of contemporary flair and picking that can be described as pure artistry and acrobatics. Its not one to be missed my friends. 

What, Who and all that: Old Salt Union and Mile Twelve Live at The Burren Backroom Friday May 5th, 2017 (Somerville, MA) Show starts 7:00 PM. Tickets $15 at THIS LINK.