Fresh Track: Chris Capaldi “Hands”

Another record coming from our dear friends down at Dirt Floor in Connecticut, Providence based songwriter Chris Capaldi releases a 7 song collection of rootsy, finger style acoustic driven tunes that are both benevolent and spirited.

Capaldi sings in almost a whisper at times. His voice has a certain delicate quality to it. It is a bit soft in delivery, rolls off the slight cello bowing in the background and trickling acoustic guitar notes. There is a tenderness to the track “Hands” buried in the middle of the EP. The singer lets his vulnerability show in this tune, but its not necessarily a flaw in any fashion. An openness, an honesty are prevalent in his voice. The arrangement isn’t over the top and doesn’t need to be. The female harmonies are a a sublime accompaniment to Chris’s voice, with its occasional cracks that let the listener in just a bit more.

The simplicity speaks volumes about what a solid voice and some openheartedness can do, an intimacy of sorts as the curtain is slightly drawn back on this songwriter’s heart and he bares all.

Check out “Hands” from Chris Capaldi’s latest EP “Painted Skylines” below and check out the rest of the collection on his Bandcamp.