Peep This: The Boxcar Lilies “Sugar Shack” Live at Roots on the River

Sometimes simplicity in arrangement and execution is the best way to drive a stake of emotion directly into the hearts of an audience. That’s something that the harmonizing sirens that make up The Boxcar Lilies proved all too well on Saturday afternoon at Roots on the River.

The trio of Susan Cattaneo, Jenny Goodspeed and Stephanie Marshall (with Jim Henry thumping out the rhythm line on bass) quickly launched into a (mostly) acapella tune, Sugar Shack, to kick off their set at the festival and immediately the crowd went pin drop silent as they lured folks ears closer and closer. A quick-fire, minute and a half was all it took to hook the crowd and keep them on the line for the entirety of the set.

Part gospel, part modern day Americana and all feeling. Check out the band performing below and be sure to look up when the gals (and Jim) are coming to your town.