Peep This: The Meadows Brothers “Introduce Me To The Blues” Live at Roots on the River

There is always some excitement, even if you are too cool to admit it, when you get to see your favorite band live. Even more so if you get the opportunity to shoot the shit with them before or after the show. Yeah, that is always very cool. What is even more cool is when that band just so happens to be good friends of yours. The fact that I have been lucky enough to surround myself with some of the most talented people I know over the past few years has never been lost on me. Whether its a biased outlook or not, some of my very closest friends happen to be my absolute favorite songwriters and performers and each and every time I get to watch Ian and Dustin Meadows perform on stage together I fall in love with their songs and their music over and over again. The chills that are elicited from the harmonies and unparalleled chemistry from the brothers is pure magic and that much was evident to all in attendance last Saturday in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

The fellas kicked off their set with this “new-ish” tune that I have had the privilege of hearing live a few times in the last few weeks. Word is it will likely be making a slot on the next record as well and it is a deserving candidate for such.

Here are The Meadows Brothers at Roots on the River performing “Introduce Me To The Blues”…