Green River, In Black and White: Day 2

Day 2 started off a little cooler than Day 1 for us. That ended quickly…both in temperature of the environment and on stage. taking a cue from the first day started off catching a couple of songs from our friend Lyle Brewer on the tented Parlor Room stage. The way the crowd grew at this stage all weekend from the first note to the second song was mindboggling. From here we headed into the sun for old pals Twisted Pine bringing the main stage down and setting the place a flame. The entire band was incredible but Chris Sartori’s solo on their Vulfpeck/Monroe mash-up melted my brain.

There was a bit of jumping from this point on. A few from Sweet Crude, a sprinkling of Madame Uncle and then to the mainstage for Dustbowl Revival and one of the most delicious things I have ever put in my mouth: Curry Mac. Holy hell.

Bridget Kearney, Rachael & Vilray, The String Dusters and Funky Meter all saw a little bit of time (and we still had time to shoot a little something with Twisted Pine off stage) before taking in my only full set of the day with my favorite band on the planet: Mandolin Orange.

If I was choosing to shoot color and made a self portrait I would be beat red with a joyous burn by the end of these two wonderful days of music. But alas…you get Day 2 in Black & White. Green River Fest, I love you.