Peep This: The Page Turners “The Blackbird Said”

Carolyn Kendrick reminds me of some split between Gillian Welch and Mandolin Orange’s Emily Frantz. There is a break in here voice. A bit of a crack where the emotion is allowed to seep right out and into the song she is singing, but there is also this real mellowness and delicate feel to the way she sings. It is soft, but raw. A perfect balance.

The Page Turners aren’t quite a full on folk outfit and not quite a straight up bluegrass band. They live in this present day hybrid of a lot of things…all of which are pretty damn fantastic. Jake Howard’s mandolin playing on this track takes on a sort of cavernous, ethereal feel to it. It floats. It just floats and its beautiful. And his harmonies that hit just after the 3 minute mark are just, wow.

The way the three performers are facing inwards towards one another in this latest video from the group only further adds to the intimacy of this song. Catching each others glance when a special moment occurs and allowing us into the fold, if only for a few minutes. Check it out today.