Show You Should Know: Molly Tuttle At Club Passim Tonight (7/13)

We live in an age where modern day bluegrass music isn’t necessarily what Grampa Bill originally started all those years ago. ‘Grass has been a fusion genre in many respects. Mixing and mingling with in depth and complex story telling or over the top instrumentals that are almost athletic feats of impossibility in what many have aptly named “chamber-grass”. Molly Tuttle‘s music falls somewhere in the middle of all those things.

Tuttle, being raised on the style in which her music breathes, surely embraces the history and roots of the genre, but extends past the surface of the style. Her playing is head turning and will leave you awestruck. The way in which she handles her instrument is astounding and witnessing her play is really something to behold. Calm, cool, collected. Every so often glancing to the audience with a warm smile juxtaposed with the blurred vision of her fingers running across the frets of the guitar neck. It…well its just something you need to see.


Molly is currently on tour in support of her debut solo record “Rise“. A solid example of that balance she manages to encompass in her music. Sweet, tender and introspective story telling coupled alongside virtuous guitar playing and a collection of guest appearances from some of the most talented musicians in modern day folk and bluegrass (The Milk Carton Kids, Darrell Scott, John Mailander). Its a wonderful collection of songs that bridges that gap between tradition and progressive music. Paying respect to the past while maintaining a story that is all the artist’s own.

Molly will be performing tonight at Club Passim, and as we mentioned, this is an artist that much be witnessed live. Tickets are still available for the show. So get there! Ali Sperry opens.