Fresh Track: Say Darling “One Man Band”

What do you get when two juggernauts join forces, combining talent and styles? One answer could simply be: Say Darling. Another could be a brutal force of badass bluesy goodness intertwined with jazzy licks and a swing backing that will get you moving, shaking and shatter all your reservations about getting down…you know, if you had reservations about that. Its the power of music in its finest form and its ability to overtake your body. A power that Celia Woodsmith and Chris Hersch command with robust and straightforward capability.

The duo recently released their debut EP back at the end of June and this one song is speaking to us particularly deep. Just one of those tunes that gets you moving. With a quick walking bass, throbbing keys, just a vibe that is undeniable. Woodsmith’s voice is pure power, a quick spitfire of words, that belly deep rumble and seemingly effortless perfection…beautifully badass. I had know Chris Hersch to be a power player in the past, a guitarist who rips but he shows his penchant for playing tasteful coloring all over the track as well. I think that restraint and knowing that sometimes less notes is more sets the best from the rest and Hersch is at the top of the game.

While we are digging this new release from the band of original tunes penned by Celia Woodsmith, the two artists will be hitting the Lizard Lounge on Tuesday September 12th as part of the Tribute Tuesdays series that Lizard has been curating. Get your tickets HERE.