Show You Should Know: Molly Pinto Madigan (Album Celebration) & Jenee Halstead at Riverview Sound (8/9)

For those not “in the know” there is a really special place sitting on the banks of the Charles River in Waltham, MA. The sprawling views of an old cemetery across the still waters, an occasional kayaker dipping their paddles into the mirror still water and the spire of an old clock factory looming back in the distance, its a tranquil and peaceful place as the music slowly seeps from the top floor as records are being made. This place is Riverview Sound and the brain behinds the new “Live from the Living Room” series is its proprietor Sam Margolis.

Sam is a name you probably have heard before. Be it his work with the New England Americana Festival and last year’s NorthAmericana, rocking out on a stage with his band Comanchero, or sitting pensively behind the board in the studio making so many artists sound great he is a monster in the local community when it comes to involvement. This house concert series is just another notch in the totem pole of support that Sam (and his partner Shannon) are giving back to the rest of us.

Tomorrow evening Molly Pinto Madigan will have a VIP celebratory concert at Riverview in support of her just finished new record “The Cup Overflows”, which was recorded at Riverview Sounds. While you may not be able to yet get your hands on a copy (though maybe at the show tomorrow?!) we assure you its worth a listen. The partnering between Molly, Sam and a host of other artists in the studio have elevated Madigan’s songs to a new place with the songwriting remaining the main focus, but more elements of rock n’ roll and roots seeping into Molly’s typically traditional, folk style.

Another favorite and good friend Jenee Halstead joins and we urge you to head below and stream (or download) songs that both Molly and Jenee contributed to our Locals Covering Locals project…which was also helmed by Sam and his engineering hat at Riverview Sound along with Andrew Kramer.

To RSVP to the show send an email to: (there are only a couple of seats left)