Fresh Track: Laura Wolf “Good”

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Laura Wolf a couple of weeks back. We filmed an Old Spruce Session for this very song and while that version may be slightly different than the recording one, I think there is something inherently special about seeing how it was built – as Wolf literally built the song via loop pedal as I filmed. The side by side of each is compelling in how she has managed to replicate a studio tracked song in a live setting. But we aren’t here to talk about that session (though you can go watch it here if you feel so inclined). We are here to share this fresh track with you.

There is still a building sensibility to the song, as layers of breaths, knocks and bow pulls fill the air gaps in the arrangements that open up in the first few seconds of the track. Notably, even with those parts coming and going, flowing and halting, the song never feels too heavy or busy. Right from the get go, however, the urgency of the song seeps in. There is a heart pounding kind of excitement to how it expands onto itself. The songwriter’s voice is lilting and light over the cascading sonic waves rolling underneath it. Its like acoustic beat building…whoever is out there producing popular tracks and rap should take note and take it old school.

“Chamber pop” , “cello rock”, call it whatever you please, we will be sitting here rocking out to “Good” for the next few weeks…

Check out the new track from Laura’s upcoming debut below and keep an eye and ear out for the full release later this year.