Peep This: Hawthorn “Appalachia”

Natural, un-diluted and beautiful. That is what I hear when I listen to Hawthorn‘s Heather Scott and Taylor Holland. The latest video release from the duo is a sure fire indicator that the will keep with that sonic aesthetic. Fittingly for a song titled “Appalachia” its even got a banjo in it.

The song is wrought with visual cues of misty mountain tops and long faded film landscapes as the two singer’s voices melt together to form a single gorgeous collective sound. Delicate plucking, never too much, always just enough to evoke that slight tingle in your chest cavity and leaving your throat with that “little more fatigued to swallow” feeling. A natural reverb from the careful lighting of the monochrome room the two are in. Just two instruments and two voices. Simple, nothing else is needed when these two sing together and that is just the way that we like it.

I went down to Carolina

and I swam in foggy mountains

The blue-eyed peaks, they were watching

as I knelt down to the ground

From the band: On September 26, up-and-coming folk act Hawthorne Duo will celebrate the release of their new music video with a show at Atwoods Tavern alongside indie-rock band Jakals. Marking a year since the duo’s conception, Hawthorn is releasing the first music video from their debut album Spun Open (March 2017). The song is “Appalachia,” an evocative ballad treating with the experience of loving a faraway place that both gently supported and powerfully progressed growth of self. Like the voices at the core of Hawthorn’s sound, little embellishment is needed for the simple yet striking video, a powerful single live take shot in black and white by renowned New England photographer Jo Chattman.

Thats tomorrow night (9/26), 10 PM at Atwoods Tavern. Tickets are 7 bucks at the door.