Peep This: Magen Tracy & The Missed Connections “Color the Air”

Magen Tracy has seen her share of genre and bands. The last album, produced by Nate Leavitt (who Magen also performs with in a band) may have bordered on the more rootsy end of the spectrum, but it dovetails nicely with this latest single off of the upcoming release from her and The Missed Connections. A smokey speakeasy vibe with rock n’ roll and a bit of glam rock. All influences that seemingly have seeped into this latest effort from the pianist/songwriter’s other projects in some fashion and made for a fresh sound that she commands particularly well.

The first single off the new record, “Color the Air” is, at the heart of it all, a lost love song about a relationship gone, but the yearning that comes with it. As it starts slow with a piano and a voice, the song explodes into a chorus of instruments and voices. The melody digs itself into your brain and won’t dislodge. Tracy’s vocal performance stays center stage through it all, be it surrounding by a slurry of percussion and electric guitars or on its own in the more tender moments. 

The Missed Connections celebrate the release later this month (September 28th) with a speak-easy themed extravaganza at the Rockwell in Davis Square, where Hoke will perform her dance it its entirety. Video director Leesa Coyne will also release her new solo EP as Lonely Leesa & the Lost Cowboys, produced by Brian King. Making their debut live appearance this evening will be The Daylilies, a Massachusetts quintet featuring former and current members of the Fast Easy Women, Mistle Thrush and Reverse.

Check it out below.