Hey Vermont: Show You Should Know- The Quahogs at Light Club Lamp Shop 10/19

The Quahogs are a band I had seen being mentioned around town for a bit, then I finally dove into last year’s ‘Sunny Waste’ after Ken had reviewed it and was totally in the know of why they are one of Providence’s finest. (check out that full review here).

“From the first notes of Sunny Waste, the latest effort from the Providence-based Quahogs, you find yourself unwinding. It’s not a mellow album at all, but it’s not stuffy–the band plays in a loose and connected way. Steve Donovan’s lead guitar work is a real highlight – he complements Steve Delmonico’s growling vocals perfectly with perfectly timed blues runs. He reminds me of the way Mike Bloomfield punctuated Paul Butterfield and Bob Dylan’s work in the mid-1960s. Delmonico writes the lion’s share of the lyrics, and they are straightforward and unpretentious.”

So friends and folks of Burlington, if you dig your rock n’ roll with tinges of country, blues and grunge…but balanced in the most wonderful way get on down to the Light Club Lamp Shop tomorrow night (thats Thursday 10/19) and see whats been stirring up down in PvD. Show starts at 10:30, but as always we recommend getting to LCLS/Radio Bean early to grab a bit at Duino or a Heady Topper at Radio Bean and see whats on stage before heading to the coolest little room in the North East.