Peep This: Izzy Heltai ‘Anyone to Anybody’

Izzy Heltai is a Western Mass based songwriter toting the likes of Isbell, Gregory Alan Isakov and Brandi Carlile as influences. ‘Anyone to Anybody‘ is a brand new single (with a video to match) from the songwriter jut out today.

The video sees Heltai joined by friends Luke Tobin and Daniel O’Connell, adding sweet harmonies to elevate the singers well balanced voice. A voice that is equal parts gruff, sandpapered scratches, unfiltered and open just enough to let the story out and smooth, honeyed flavor that eases you in. There is a tenderness tempered by the genuine nature of his stories that is endearing and engaging.

Give the video a watch below and keep and eye out for this one. There is a mellowed confidence in the nature of Izzy’s work and we are excited and anticipate the release of his upcoming debut EP “Sweet Apathy“, due out in early January 2018.