Show You Should Know: Dietrich Strause and The Blue Ribbons at Light Club Lamp Shop (Burlington, VT 10/13)

Friday the 13th…oOoOooOOOoooOOOoo. Ok thats over with, now for the music.

Dietrich Strause has long been a songwriter on our admiration list. We met right around the time he first moved to the Boston area and he even played at an acoustic americana series I used to host on Sunday nights at Church (yes, it was as awful a gig as you might imagine). But every since that night I have been a fan of Dietrich’s voice and his almost novelistic approach to writing songs. The man is a storyteller and a hell of a musician. The Blue Ribbons are the “every musicians” band. Ask any songwriter who has gone to Toad even a handful of times who their favorite band is and chances are a hefty percentage will say the Ribbons. If you like a groove, a catchy tune and just excellent playing across the board…this is your band. And they join forces on this evening up in the great green north at our favorite little listening room and lounge, Light Club Lamp Shop in Burly.

The dynamic duo (referring to The Blue Ribbons as a collective one…though they all stand pretty damn strong on their own) celebrate a collaborative release that we featured earlier this year. You can hit THIS LINK to read all up on it, but it you are the Cliffs Notes preferring type: “The dovetailing of the Blue Ribbons loose creativity that can turn on a dime and create some truly brilliant and special moments with Strause keen eye and fastidious detail for songwriting…well, it just plain works.”

So you should work your way up Winooski and dip on into LCLS tomorrow night at 8 PM>