Fresh Track: The Ballroom Thieves “Only Lonely”

The Ballroom Thieves might as well be the official sweethearts of Boston music. The band has earned that rightful place through calloused fingers and upward creeping odometor digits over the past few years. Seemingly always on the road and the latest single from the band dovetails that emotion beautifully.

The latest track blends wispy Laurel Canyon warmth and vibes with their signature harmony woven tapestries of sound. Its amazing to think that cellist/bassist/vocalist Calin Peters was mostly harmonizing and leading a song or two during sets a few years back. It would seem this latest project sees her in the driver’s seat a bit more, as far as writing is concerned. A certainly welcome and worthy endeavor as as her emotive whispers and melancholy laden verses are beautifully colored with broad strokes of dark blues and purples, but every so often letting in the light of vibrant yellows and hope. A balance between the deep recesses of our dark moments as humans and the luminosity that perseverance can unearth. And while the band has become known for their driving percussive feel and strong and spirited harmonies, its when Peters voice is out on its own that allows the narrative and the singer to truly shine.

Here’s to hope this marks the coming of that new record from the band very soon. For now, we will be sitting here spinning this, again and again.

The Ballroom Thieves are currently touring around the Northeast and make a stop at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT this Saturday (with other shows in Northampton, MA 11/30, Saratoga Springs, NY 12/1, Brooklyn, NY 12/7, Hudson, NY 12/8 and Portland, ME 12/9). Check their website tour page for more info.