Fresh Track: Grace Morrison “I’m The Apple”

The title track off of songwriter Grace Morrison‘s enters slowly, sultry and as she begins to whisper in the listeners ear “how do you stay high when you’re so low…” one may expect the song to remain at that pace, in that reclusive kind of hush. But the song lifts and falls with the thud of drums and Morrison’s airy vocal.

Right after the 2 minute mark, she really opens up and flexes her vocal muscles for a brief instrumental reprieve. There is something fresh and undiluted about her voice. So much so that even when singing “how can you touch me when you don’t know / I hear you tell her that you love her on the phone” that purity and light shines through. The juxtaposition of something dark in its thematic nature rolls off a bit more easily to the audience.

Check out “I’m The Apple” today and pick up Grace’s latest release through her site.