Fresh Track: Prateek Poddar “Emma”

I first met singer-songwriter Prateek Poddar through the now “indefinitely hiatused” EBASS community. Poddar at that time was bright eyed and excited about the scene circling around him. Excited to catch new performers, excited to have opportunities like the Lizard open mic. Just a genuinely good dude to be around with an incredibly infectious attitude of being positive about art.

Prateek is still that way, but two or so years later finds his songwriting more polished, his delivery with a bit more smoothness than the grit previously in his vocals and with a keen focus on where he wants his music to be. He just released a new single called “Emma” where we find a bit more relief and melancholia in the singer’s voice and a whole lot of help to expand the sound from friends.The track is a little bit lonesome, a little bit blue, but all heart.

We caught up for a quickfire interview with Prateek to talk a little about his new tune “Emma”, his process and how the community around him leaves its mark.

RLR: So, I came across you a couple years back through the EBASS community and I hope you don’t take offense to this and I mean this is the most flattering way, but this track shows a GIGANTIC amount of truly finding your voice and sound as a songwriter and performer since that time. It takes a lot of artists a ton of time going from first hitting open mics to really settling into their niche. How do you think you have developed over the past few years as a writer/artist and is there anything in particular you credit that to?

PP: No offense taken, man. That really means a lot. I guess as far as developing as a writer/artist, it’s like you said; I’ve been finding my voice, figuring out what I have to say and how best to say it. I’d credit that to playing and writing as often as I can and the wonderful music communities in Boston and everywhere else I’ve played. Not to mention all the great musicians I’ve been lucky enough to hear and/or talk to.

RLR: We met through EBASS, and while it has gone away for a while, you still seem really embedded in a community around the Lizard Open mic, The Burren, etc. What does having that community mean to you personally, as an artist and also as a human?

PP: I’m gonna get gushy for a moment, but it honestly means everything. I’ve struggled with feeling like I don’t belong anywhere for most of my life. This music scene has given me a place to belong to. It’s given me a home, and friends, and the motivation to grow both as an artist and as a person. And everyone who plays, books, promotes, or goes to the shows is responsible for that.

RLR: From said community, what are you digging lately from your peers and fellow songwriters.

PP: Julie Rhodes for sure. She is a badass in every way. Kaiti Jones as well. Zion Rodman, even though he recently left for Chicago – miss you, man. Hawthorne. Jeff Butcher – he performs under the name American Radiation. The Baker Thomas Band. There’s too many to list.

RLR: Anything else in particular you want to plug about the tune?

PP: Well, this is my first single, and it hopefully won’t be the last. Keep your eyes peeled for a lyric video coming soon. And if you’re looking to hear this song live, the band and I will be at The Plough and Stars on December 23rd. Should be a good time.