Show You Should Know: Ian Fitzgerald w/ Tyler James Kelly At State Park Bar (Sunday 11/12 9 PM)

I don’t miss all that much about living in suburbia. My neighbors were all right on top of me and the guy next door was kind of a lunatic. I commuted into work on a crowded train everyday. The impending winter and gray piles of city snow coupled with the-death-trap-monstrous-piles-of-it-on-either-side-of-my-driveway-made-me-bless-myself,-pray-to-whatever-god-there-may-or-may-not-be-out-there-and-blindly-drive-out into-the-street-hoping-I-wouldn’t-be-t-boned-every-time-I-had-to-go-to-the-store-or-out-for-the-day gave me ulcer inducing stress. Also, last night the sky looked like the below photo, so, yeah, I find the country a bit more appealing in a lot of ways…

But I digress. What I do miss most about being back around Boston is the ease of which I could pick any night of the week, any one of my five favorite spots to catch a show and I would be guaranteed a chance to catch something special from insanely talented artists. As I was heading out of town a year and a half ago a little space called State Park bar was really starting to make a name for itself for delicious craft cocktails coupled with some audibly delicious intimate shows. At that point in time I’m not really sure that the excellent ongoing residency, series, cultivation…call it what you will, its pretty excellent…Country Club had yet partnered up with State Park, but damn, I am sad to no longer live in town and be able to catch these shows.

To date State Park has seen the likes of many of our local favorites and two that have been there before will be there again performing their songs this Sunday, November 12th (both of which happen to be up for Big Red Recognitions this year as well).

So, suck up your Sunday evening blues and get down State Park to catch our deal pals Ian Fitzgerald and Tyler James Kelly singing their hearts out for you. It’s good for your soul and take in a tune or twelve and a whiskey drink for me while you are there. Kicks off at 9 PM.