Show You Should Know: The BMAs are on Thursday (12/7)

You probably already know this. The Boston Music Awards are on Thursday and if you don’t and you are now reading this…now you do.

While we are of course very honored to be nominated as Best Blog, thats far besides the point of this post. Over the course of the past few years the BMAs have undergone a transformation of sorts and we are all a bit better for it as members of the New England music community. The shift sees a keen focus on support for local artists and the realization that Aerosmith does not need a Lifetime Achievement Award.

While unable to attend last year, the 2015 show at the Sinclair just felt like a giant family reunion (even consisting of family members I’ve never met). It was just a special evening celebrating something we can all get behind: artists and the art they are creating.

Say what you will about the House of Blues…I’ll spare you my own opinions…but the move to a larger venue provides two really important things: the chance for up and coming artists to perform on a large stage they may not have otherwise been asked to play on and more space for a larger amount of fans and contemporaries to crowd into.

So, get your ass to the show and celebrate local artists and the BMAs, because in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter who wins. Its just about celebrating the fact that we are part of a rich and diverse musical community…and there is no where else you are going to see this vast array of genre presented in one place in one evening.

The event will feature 10 live performances from nominees: Bad Rabbits, Camino 84, Latrell James, Sidney Gish, Weakened Friends, Stl Gld, Carissa Johnson, no hope/ no harm, Avenue, Tall Heights

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