Show You Should Know: Damn Tall Buildings & Friends, Lizard Lounge 1/1

Its that time of the year. Your post-holiday lull and slight sadness seeps in. But fear not friends we have a show for you on New Years Day and its one that will get you back in the swing of things and ready to hit 2018 with an iron fist.

Having recently moved to Brooklyn, NY, the Boston-based bluegrass band Damn Tall Buildings will be returning to their hometown to ring in 2018 at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA.  It will be a show filled with secret guests, dancing and Mai Tai’s. All of this sounds pretty killer to us folks and if you aren’t already a huge fan of the Lizard Lounge its basically like staying in your living room, but instead of staring at a TV screen waiting for a big dumb ball to drop you will be engulfed in the sweet harmonies and fiery bluegrass infused songs of the quartet.

But wait…there’s more. Our dear friends Twisted Pine are the super surprise secret guest…and I assume there may be a few more tricks up their sleeves as well.

So, just get out on New Years Day, nurse your hangover with some killer folks, maybe an A.M. ale and celebrate music.