Fresh Track: Sam Moss “Flowers”

Like the endless swirling cyclone of light flakes, circling around our yard within the confines of the tall pines, the reverbating guitar lines of Sam Moss‘s latest single float in a delicate dance. Seeming to lift from the ground moments before hitting the remains of their predecessors to join the blanket of white, there is such a beautiful airy quality to Moss’s music and “Flowers” is no different.

The songwriter’s voice is a soft, not quite a whisper, flow of words that swims alongside the swaying notes of the guitar and pattering drum. I feel cozy inside the margins of Moss’s songs. The trickling of notes from his guitar flows in an effortless, tranquil wave that washes over your head as you are engulfed in its warmth and divine glow. 

Just like the comfort from the fire as the flakes continue to fall and cover the plants that will again emerge in Spring, “Flowers” covers you in a pale light of emotion that does just the same. Listen now folks.