Fall in Love with “Love Again” from Dharmasoul

What better day for a song with ‘love’ in the title for release on Valentines Day? Well, if that song is from two artists who bleed their hearts and souls out into their craft, then perhaps it is escalated just a tiny bit more. Dharmasoul is the newer duo project including our old pal Jonah Tolchin and Kevin Clifford that has already made some big waves. The two musicians, criss crossed throughout their previous musical paths before finally forming the band in July of last year and heading into the studio shortly after.

The brand new track “Love Again” is infused with tubey blues guitar and soulful vocals. Keys gently throb behind a slow blues dance. The tune and general aural aesthetic of the band is indicative of a strong focus on a super solid rhythmic base and beautiful airy and light accoutrements in the shape of high vocal waves and tight harmonies. What is evident is the chemistry that is embedded into the duo’s performance here and the fact that maybe, just maybe not fitting into a certain genre or subset is exactly what all artists need. Even in the course of one track you can tell that the influence between these two individuals spans all sorts of time, genre and space. Its all about the emotion and feel that a particular song calls for and Tolchin and Clifford realize that fully on ‘Love Again’.

Dharmasoul drummer/singer, Kevin Clifford says about the track, “For me, Love Again is about the courage it takes to love. By inviting someone else to share your heart with you, you risk the toll that could be taken on it if it doesn’t work. I don’t know anyone who’s heart hasn’t been broken. If they haven’t, it’s because they haven’t opened themselves to anyone yet. And that is ok because it’s part of the journey. But when you finally do end up on that dark end of the street, it takes tremendous will power to find the strength to get back up and try again.

Dharmasoul is on tour up and down the east coast throughout March and has some additional dates leading up to the release of their debut record “Lightning Kid”. The album release is May 4th distributed through Redeye Worldwide on Dharmasoul Records and was recorded at Verdant Studios in Athens VT.

Check out their tour schedule and stream “Love Again” below (or add it to you Spotify playlist and stream it again and again…)