Peep This: Danielle M and the Glory Junkies “All My Heroes Are Ghosts”

If you have been on the main page of RLR this week you may have seen our Album of the Week is a record of the same name as this video. We have come to know Danielle Miraglia for her penchant for the blues and fiery hot rock n’roll.

Infusing her sound with that of those that came before her from delta blues to the Rolling Stones. Bad ass rock n’roll and ocean deep hues of the blues. There is a lot of heart in her performances, be it with her band The Glory Junkies or by herself with an old Gibson acoustic and a stomp box.

This latest video ( produced by Lisa Bastoni ) features a lot of those infusions and inspirations that came before her, painted onto scribbled notes behind their monochromatic likenesses.

Check it out below and if you haven’t yet heard this record or picked it up for yourself, then you should head over to this link and remedy that.