Peep This: Emily Mure’s “Waiting for Change”

In the years getting to know singer-songwriter Emily Mure’s music two things are abundantly clear: her songs are overwhelmingly beautiful and full of heartfelt poingnancy and the girl knows how to make a killer music video.

The latest from Mure is a video for her song “Waiting for Change” off of last year’s ‘Worth’. An album that, in a nutshell, completely shattered every emotion my soul was capable of and then gently weaned me back to feeling good again with just how gorgeous it all was. Someone who can write and present songs like that…well, those types of folks are few.

The video itself is a simple concept. Mure driving with a view through the rearview of her singing the words to the song. The frame occasionally weaving between pattering drops of rain on the windshield to a yellowed autumn hue to a wintry roadside. The changing of the seasons seeming to take a crucial role in the presentation of the song and subtly, but perfectly, dovetailing the words with the visual. So while a rearview view of person in a car may seem uncomplicated at the surface, the depth of that pairing goes far deeper, just as we have become accustomed to with her art.

Check out the video below and if you haven’t yet picked up Emily’s latest, well you can and should remedy that immediately by heading over HERE.

Shot, directed, edited by Siobhan Cox: