Spruce Sessions Final headerThe woods has a life all of its own, stories to tell and has seen things that many of us won’t see in our own lifetime. There is a wildness to the forest, its alive in many ways. Wood also has many uses: cabinets, furniture and of course instruments. For years and years spruce has been used as a tonewood to give a voice to instruments and their players. The Old Spruce Sessions were born as a way to create a conduit for songwriters and musicians to get in touch with that wild and uninhibited and perform their storied songs in atmospheres and places that may not be conventional, but are liberating and beautiful in their own right. These are those stories…

***Interested in filming/recording your own Old Spruce Session? Then send us a message at redlineroots@yahoo.com! We are located in central Vermont, midway between Montpelier and Hanover, NH and always looking to collaborate with artists that are on the road and touring through the area***